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Purchase QR Code

Use your celluar phone camera to scan this QR Code to get it a test run on how it works. 


If you place an order with Tamiya Davis INC. you will receive your QR Code by email within 7 business days. 


This code is something which small business owners and entrepreneurs need to be aware of since it is increasingly becoming an important tool. The QR code is basically a natural extension of the conventional barcode, which has been around since the mid 1970s on everything from supermarket groceries to large container shipments. 

This means that any customer can scan your business with his or her smartphone, and scan a QR code which have been generated and it takes them directly to your website. This is easy access. 

Use a QR Code to direct a customer to the URL for your website, Facebook, Twitter or other social media page.

Use it on your business card with your contact details embedded inside the code. 

Use it to link to a YouTube video or channel perhaps demonstrating new products. 

Encourage your customer to get their phones out and start scanning and GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR PRODUCT!

Purchase QR Code

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