It’s ingrained in entrepreneurs: they want big things to happen. Business leaders have the highest expectations set for themselves, employees and colleagues. Tamiya goal is to help you with your success as a business owner on creating a vision, designing a business and strategically building a marketing plan for success.

Tamiya Davis, entrepreneur and founder of Tamiya Davis Inc. has worked with many top influential entrepreneurs, CEOs and companies. Through her noted work, Tamiya explains that asking better questions leads to better results.

The four critical questions every leader should ask in business and life:

  • What do you want? (Vision)

  • What do you have to do and are you ready? (Action)

  • What could get in the way of your dream? (Anticipate)

  • How do you hold yourself accountable? (Measure)

Let's Discuss Tamiya's Memoir

From Fatal to Fierce, is Tamiya’s debut book which chronicles her journey of survival from her near-death experience, which left her disabled and disfigured, to the fierce, beautiful, and successful woman she is today. Through sheer dedication, drive, determination, tenacity, and God’s anointing, Tamiya was able to rebuild her life, and is now sharing her testimony in her debut book.


Author of From Fatal To Fierce


Motivational Speaker


Tamiya Davis


From Fatal To Fierce by Tamiya Davis

2x Amazon Best-Seller


Top 100 Author of 2019 with

Urban Books, Authors & Writers of America

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I don’t normally read through an entire book in 2 days, but from Fatal to Fierce was so great, I couldn’t put it down. The transparency, the honesty, to reflections, everything was so real! Tamiya cut NO corners, she made you feel like you were in those moments with her. This is by far one of my favorite books, hope to see it on the big screen one day!

Autumn Mack


This is a MUST read! A book that truly captures and captivates you: mind, body and soul. Her story is riveting and sends chills down your spine. What was once thought to be fatal turned into fierceness, triumph and passion. It's a page turner for sure. Get it and see for yourself!! Her heart and soul definitely went into writing this!!

Ms. Jayy B

This is such a great book! The life story the author sent through certainly had me admiring her bravery. Warning: this book will have you in tears!

Andrea Butler