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The Memoir of Tamiya Davis

During her early years, Tamiya Davis lived a fast lifestyle surrounded by a number of friends, being seen in the hottest cars, experimenting with drugs, and the wearing latest fashions. However, on April 3, 1997, the trajectory of Tamiya’s life was changed forever as a result of a near-fatal car accident. The beauty and “bad girl” lifestyle she once thought could get her anything she wanted, was gone. In her eyes, she had the ugliest face and was the most crippled girl in the world. She labeled herself “Beauty & The Beast.”

From Fatal to Fierce, is Tamiya’s debut book which chronicles her journey of survival from her life-changing event, to the fierce, beautiful, and successful woman she is today. Through sheer determination, drive, dedication, and God’s anointing, Tamiya was able to rebuild her life and is now sharing her testimony through writing.

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